– Born in Seregno (MI) on 23/08/1952, resident there at via G. Verdi 173.
– Married to Donata Pirovano, first and only wife (so far), two children: Claudio and Eleonora
– Hobbies: robotic surgery, golf and skiing, event organizer
– Rotarian since 1992 (Past President – PHF – founder of the Sesto S. Giovanni Club, now Milano Scala)
– Knight of the Ordine Mauriziano dei Reali Savoia, for civil achievements, since 2003

– Upper secondary diploma in classics
– Degree in medicine and surgery from Università degli Studi of Milan (1978)
– Specialization in orthopedics and traumatology (70/70 cum laude) in Milan (Prof. V. Pietrogrande), 1981

Professional Experience
– Two-year fellowship at the Institute of Clinical Orthopedics of the University of Milan
(Director Prof. V. Pietrogrande) 1976-78 ( C.T.O. ).
-Three-year fellowship as a physician with assistance and care duties at
the Institute of Orthopedic Care of Milan ( Prof. V.Pietrogrande) 1979/’82 (ICP – CTO).

– Assistant from 21/06/82 at the First Division of Orthopedics of the Clinical Institutes of Specialization (CTO) of Milan, from 1986 at the Orthopedic Clinic of that Institute.
– Hospital Assistant from 01/08/89 at the First Division, also at the CTO of Milan
– FIRST ASSISTANT from 14/02/92.
– CHIEF PHYSICIAN of the 1st Division from March 1999 .
– DIRECTOR of the 1st Department of Orthopedics at the CTO Section of the Clinical Institutes of
Specialization (ICP), from 2001.
– DIRECTOR of the 1st and 2nd Department from May 2004

Scientific Contributions
– Participation in more than 200 (two hundred) congresses, refresher courses, some annual and with final examinations, internships in Italy and abroad.
In particular: fellowship at the Department of Orthopedics of RUSH PRESBYTERIAN ST.LUKE’S MEDICAL CENTER, CHICAGO (IL) USA (Director J.Or. Galante), lasting one month (July 1993).
With Prof. Wagner in Nuremburg (Germany), professors Dejour, Chambat and Dechamps in Lyons (France),
Prof. Legrè in France, etc.,etc.,etc.. (see attachment 1)

Organizer of international workshops:
– on the Ilizarov fixator, in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1988 (3 days)
– – on the unicompartmental prosthesis, London, 2000, as part of the
9th European Congress of ESSKA.

– More than one hundred (100) papers at international congresses and refresher courses in Italy and abroad.
In particular: Prague, 1988 – at the World Surgery Congress in 1990 – in Montreal (Canada) at the 1990 SICOT – at Lake Buena Vista (USA) in 1996 at the AOSSM – in Washington (DC) USA in 1999 at the ISAKOS – at Davos (CH) at the 2000 CAOS – in Pittsburgh (PA) USA at the 2001 CAOS – in Santa Fe (NM) USA at the 2002 CAOS – in San Diego (CA) USA at 2002 SICOT
– Moderator and speaker at the 1st National Congress of Day Surgery ( SICADS) Milan 26/27 January 1996.
Speaker, moderator, etc. at national congresses on the specialty (SIOT) in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 (11 papers)
– President and Scientific Secretary of the International Meeting on ” The Unicompartmental Prosthesis of the Knee “. Milan 27-28 March 1998
– President Organizer of the orthopedics session at the 3rd National Congress of SICADS
Turin 30/11-1/2/3 December 1998

– Director and Scientific Secretary of the 1st Theoretical-practical Course on Orthopedic Day Surgery,
Milan, 28-29 January 1999
– Director and Scientific Secretary of the 2nd Course in Orthopedic Day Surgery, Milan, 10-11-12
February 2000
– President and Scientific Secretary of the 1st Conference of Users of Monocompartmental Knee
Prostheses, Milan, 29-30-31 March 2001
– Director of the 1st International Advanced Course in prosthetic knee surgery (first implant), Milan, 22-
23 March 2002
– Director of the 2nd International Advanced Course in computer- and robot-assisted prosthetic knee
surgery, Milan, 7-8 March 2003
– Director of the 1st Theoretical-practical Course in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot
Milan, 28-29 March 2003-12-11
– Director of the 3rd Course in Robotic and Mininvasive Prosthetic Knee Surgery
Milan, 26-27 March 2004
– President of the SLOTO Conference (Lombard Association of Orthopedic and Traumatological
Surgeons) 27/11/2004, CTO – Milan
– Member of Board Program Committee and Chairman:
– 3° C.A.O.S. WORLD Meeting (Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery), Marbella(SP)18-21 giugno
– 4° CAOS WORLD Meeting a Chicago (USA) 16/19 giugno 2004
– 5° CAOS World Meeting Helsinki (Finl.) 19/22 giugno 2005
– 6°CAOS World Meeting in Montreal (Canada) 21/24 giugno 2006
(Mininvasive Surgery meets Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery)
Indianapolis (Indiana- USA) 19/21 maggio 2005
Scottsdale (Arizona – USA) 26/28 Ottobre 2006
– Chairman of the Orthopedic Technology Committee of SIGASCOT from 2004
(Italian Society of Knee Surgery, Arthroscopy, Sport, Cartilage and Orthopedic Technology)
INVITED SPEAKER to C. T. Brighton Workshop on: Less Invasive and Computer Assisted
Orthopaedic Surgery – Organized by Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research (CORR) –
Tampa (Florida – USA) 30 Dicembre/03 Novembre 2006
– Ten years of teaching at university (rehabilitation therapists) and
hospital (massophysiotherapy);
– from 1988 to 1992 contract professor at the School of Orthopedic and Traumatology Specialization,
University of Milan (Prof. V. Pietrogrande)
Since 1992 university tutor at the same school.
From 2001 to 2002 taught at the School of Specialization in Orthopedics and Traumatology, University of Milan –
Bicocca (Prof. E.C. Marinoni)
Since 2003 Professor of annual masters of 2nd university level FSE: “Engineering in Surgery”
– More than 120 (one hundred twenty) scientific publications in collaboration, 80 of them as lead author and
20 as sole author, focusing on the following areas of research: process of fracture consolidation, external
fixators and arthroscopic and computer- and robot-assisted mininvasive surgery of the knee (mono and
bimonocompartimental), organization and management of day surgery, etc. (see attachment 2).
– Fair knowledge of French and English, spoken and written.
– Nationally qualified for the top position of head orthopedic surgeon 1989 (95/100).
– Author of over 6,000 surgical procedures in the first person, related to the specialty (in particular: 3,000
arthroscopic procedures of the knee, shoulder and ankle, around 100 applications of the Ilizarov method,
more than 1,000 arthroprostheses of the hip and knee, since 1999 assisted with computerized navigation,
over 400 monocompartmental protheses and ligament reconstructions of the knee by arthroscopic
technique) and a few tens of thousands as first intervention.
– Long-time member of SIOT, the Club del Ginocchio, of the shoulder surgery society, the foot surgery society,
the ASAMI, the CIOD, the European Society of Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESKA) and the international
society of computer-assisted orthopedic surgery (CAOS).
– Founder and Board member of these scientific societies: CODS (orthopedic day surgery) – GIUM (Italian
group of monocompartmental users) – SICOE (Italian society of computer-assisted orthopedic surgery)
– Lifetime subscriber to specialist journals (G.I.O.T., ARCHIVIO PUTTI) and international journals (J.B.J.S.,
Journal Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Arthroscopy), as well as those of the scientific societies.
– Author of a few videocassettes relating to surgical activity, with national and international distribution (surgical
procedures with arthroscopic technique, for the repair of ACL injuries of the knee, with original technique,
surgical technique for total and monocompartmental arthroprosthesis of the knee, etc.).
Edited the videocassettes: of the complete report for the international meeting: The Unicompartmental
Prosthesis of the Knee, Milan, 27-28 March 1998
– of the Report of the 1st Theoretical-practical Course on Orthopedic Day Surgery. Milan, 28-29
January 1998
– the CD of the Report of the 3rd Theoretical-practical Course on Robotic and Mininvasive Knee
– Participant in numerous regional and national television programs
(Antenna 3, Canale 5, etc.). Author of numerous scientific article of orthopaedic interest in national magazines
(Oggi, Salve, Viversani and belli, etc. ). Since 2001 is included among the “experts” of the La Repubblica
newspaper and regularly writes for the Health section.

Work habits
In hospital, goes on duty at 7:00 a.m. for a brief visit to patients operated the day before and those admitted
during the night. Operates every day.
Directly responsible for the knee and hip outpatient clinic, with an output of over 2,000 (two thousand)
procedures annually.
Directly performs an average of 500 (five hundred) surgical procedures annually
Involved in the management and organization of healthcare personnel and the clinical care of patients in the
operating units under his responsibility.
More than 9.000 orthopaedic and traumatology surgical procedures. Since 1999 computer and robot assisted.
In particular knee and hip replacement, knee osteotomies, ACL reconstruction, mini invasive surgery,
compartmental knee reconstruction (uni, bi-uni and pfa).

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